The College Rush In India.

This is July that time of year when most the education board in india have declare their results for intermediate exams. The sight of students rush to get admission in premier colleges in India can be seen in different locations across the country but the race for a seat in premier college is particularly seen in Delhi University. It is difficult to get admission in Delhi University because of the high cutoff (particularly for general category), only students with 90% marks or above can think about securing a seat in Delhi University. There are particularly three type of student trying to get admission in College and they are

  • Student with above 90% marks and can easily secure seat in most of the colleges of Delhi University.These type of student usually are students of top schools and have no problem in securing a seat in Delhi University.
  • Students with 70% to 90% marks percent mark and it is difficult for  them to secure a seat in Delhi University but students from SC and OBC somehow get the admission  because of reservation system in India and of course general students have to forget about the admission as there is no reserved seat for them.
  • Students with 60% and below marks have to forget about getting admission anywhere and their only option is to get admission in distance/correspondence course.

Apart from these three category of students there are other students who do professional courses and I am not counting them for the article.

Now comes the question why there is so much rush for admission?

The answer to this question lies in many factors.I will example them one by one

  • The number of colleges is way less than the numbers of students wanting to pursue higher education.
  • Most of the student in india are not aware of the opportunity for higher education in different fields so they tend to go for traditional colleges.
  • The quality of education is good for only some institutions in india.

So what is the solution?

Certainly opening more colleges will help but most important thing is to offer education at grassroot level to enhance the talent of a child so he can do something productive and not be in a rush.